Puppy School & Juvenile Training

Puppy School & Juvenile Training

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If you have a puppy, then be sure to book in for Wilston Vet’s Puppy Preschool in Brisbane. Here your puppy will gain valuable socialisation skills essential to ensure that he/she does not become a problem later on. You will also learn vital skills in training your puppy dog and general pet health issues. Best of all… it’s loads of fun! Classes are run on Monday nights from 7:15pm -8:15pm or Wednesday nights from 6.15pm to 7.15 pm and a course of 4 classes costs $150. We also run Juvenile Classes (for pups from 14- 24 weeks of age….see below) on Sunday afternoons at 4 pm.

Our puppy school teachers have had over 10 years experience in the Animal Industry. Both are qualified Certificate 4 Veterinary Nurses who have a special interest in dog behaviour. Both Carmen and Melissa have completed the Provet Puppy School Trainer Course and have attained a Hills Puppy School Trainer Certificate. Our Puppy School classes combine the behavioural methods of both Dr Kirsty Seksel and Dr Cam Day who are world renowned veterinary behaviouralists. All our methods focus on positive reward based training techniques and no punishment techniques are used.

Puppies must be aged between 8 and 16 weeks on the first class to start puppy school and have had their first vaccination.

To book call us on (07) 3357 3882 or email info@wilstonvet.com.au. Places are limited as we like to keep the classes small to ensure every puppy receives the teacher’s full attention.

Class Start dates for 2017 are as follows-

May 1st
May 17th
June 5th
June 21st
July 10th
July 26th
Aug 14th
Sept 18th

Juvenile Classes -If you have a dog who between 14  and 24 weeks of age-then juvenile classes are a great idea for you. Classes are held here at the clinic on Sunday afternoons at 4 pm. So if your teenage dog is driving you up the wall…….like most teenagers can…..you may like to come along. All pups between 14 and 24 weeks are welcome regardless of whether they have attended puppy school or not. Topics include  Coming When Called, Lead Training, Mouthing Issues, Jumping up, Disobedience, Toilet Training (for those still having troubles), Calming Behaviour and Clicker Training. Costs are $190 for the entire 5 week course. For more info call Brooke on 0409 341 419. Bookings can only be made on line at http://thepositivepetproject.com.au/book/

Upcoming Class Dates for 2017

May 28th
July 2nd
Aug 6th
Sept 10th

* Please note that these dates and teachers may require alteration from time to time due to public holidays etc.


Puppy Preschool Grad March 2014

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