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“Cat”- A Wrestle With A Clothesline

“Cat”- A Wrestle With A Clothesline

Name: “Cat”
Species: Feline
Breed: Ragdoll
Sex: Male Neutered
Weight: 4.4kg

History: “Cat” presented to Wilston Vet as an emergency consultation. Minutes earlier, Cat had sustained two severe facial injuries after impaling his face on a metal indoor clothes line.
( please note next page contains a gruesome photo which may not be suitable for some- reader please be aware)

Examination: Dr Kate noted that Cat had a full thickness severe deep cut to the right side on his face. All the muscles of his cheek were exposed and it was very bloody. He also had a smaller cut to his left eye lid. Cat was given a strong pain medication injection immediately so the examination could continue, as the wounds to his face were very painful. Cat was also in shock from his injuries, so he was placed on intravenous fluids to support his blood pressure. Dr Kate also noticed that both Cats’ upper canine teeth were broken, but Dr Kate was unsure if this was a fresh or older injury.

Face Cuts- Cat- Vet WindsorKate talked with Cat’s owner, advising him that Cat had sustained two very serious facial injuries. Cat’s owner was willing for Dr Kate to perform the emergency surgery to suture Cat’s wounds closed and stabilise him. At this stage Dr Kate was uncertain as to whether or not she would be able to completely close cats wounds fully as they were so severe.

Treatment: Cat was anaesthetised and surgery was performed to suture Cat’s wounds back together. Dr Kate did a fantastic job suturing the lip wound and the eye lid wound back together. It was not an easy surgery, as the lip was very badly damaged, and the skin around his eyelid was very friable.Sutured face- Cat Vet Newmarket

Cat cuts- vet- herstonCat was sent home with antibiotics and pain medication. An Elizabethan collar was applied to make sure he did not scratch at his newly sutured face.Lip sutures Cat- Torn Lip- WilstonOutcome: After a week of rest and care at home, Cat came back in to have his face rechecked. Dr Kate was very pleased at the outcome, as Cat’s wounds were healing so well! Cat did not need to have any sutures removed, as the sutures that were placed were all dissolvable.

What a brave Kitty. Cat’s face is now fully healed. No more washing line acrobatics for him!

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