Here at Wilston Vet we love looking after our little Ratties. We provide all veterinary services to rats and pocket pets ranging from basic husbandry advice to surgery under anaesthetic. We appreciate that rats make fantastic pets and that people become very much attached to their rats, just as they do to their dog or cat. Your rat or pocket pet is just as important to us as any other pet we treat. We are also happy to provide any advice over the phone or via email so do not hesitate to contact us if you have a question about your little ratty

Felix -The Rat Who Was Removed From His Tumour (It Was That Big!)

Felix -The Rat Who Was Removed From His Tumour (It Was That Big!)

Name: Felix
Species: Rat
Sex: Male
Age: 1yr 8mths
Weight: 520g

Felix presented to the clinic when his owners noticed a lump on the Felix’s left shoulder. The lump developed a few days prior to examination and had continued to grow in size. Felix had been less active than normal, however was still bright and had a good appetite.


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