Here at Wilston Vet we are able to provide your pet with both routine as well as advanced surgical care. If we have a complex surgical case, we enlist the skills of itinerant surgeon Dr Lynn Minhinnet. Extremely complex cases such as spinal surgery are referred to Queensland Specialist Surgeons at Stafford.

Ferris – A Jumping injury

Ferris – A Jumping injury

Name- Ferris
Age- 1 year
Sex- Male Desexed
Weight- 5.2 kgs

History: Ferris is a 5 months old male Maltese Poodle cross who came to us one afternoon unable to walk on his right back leg. The owner reported that just a few minutes ago Ferris had been so excited by some visitors coming to the house that he had jumped up and down on the spot. On landing he let out a loud yelp and was in considerable pain after and unable to walk on his right hind leg.


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