Our sister business, which is on the lower level of the clinic, offers a spacious comfy cattery with 4 styles of accommodation (Royal Suite, Large Suite, Medium Suite and Kitty Condos). Being situated in Brisbane’s inner-city makes our cattery convenient to all Brisbane suburbs. Every style of accommodation includes lots of cuddles and attention. Your cat will feast on premium Hills Science Diet food whilst in our care.


If your cat loves to get out in the sun and watch the wildlife we have a secure outdoor enclosure available. It has ramps, tunnels and a scratching post. Playtime starts from $8.00/session (one cat).

Please note that the playtime enclosure is in an outdoor area and allows cats to jump, climb and catch some sun- rays; therefore we do not recommend playtime for cats who are over 10yrs old or those with serious medical conditions. Playtime will not be available on rainy days and outdoor playtime will be limited during the hotter months of the year for the safety of your kitty.

(limited bookings available each day and not available public holidays or Sundays)

playtime1  playtime2


We can administer medications to your kitty whilst they stay with us. You must advise us of any medications to be administered whilst your cat is boarding at the time of booking to ensure they can be given. If your cat is started on medication after booking please call us as soon as you are aware of the need for medicating during the boarding period. Please read the following details carefully fore more information about medication administration:

Oral Medications: Oral medications can be administered by our trained staff once daily, if oral medications are required more than once daily we can give those ONLY on regular business days (i.e. Monday – Saturday on non public holidays). Oral medication can only be given once a day (in the morning) on Sundays and public holidays.
Charges apply for administering oral medications.

Topical Creams and ointments: Topical creams and ointments can be applied once daily, if applications are required more than once a day we can do those only on regular business days (i.e. Monday – Saturday on non public holidays. Topical creams and ointments can only be applied once a day (in the morning) on Sundays and public holidays.
Charges apply for applying topical creams and ointments

Diabetics: Due to the complexity of managing diabetic cats, we unfortunately are unable to board diabetic cats unless they are current patients of Wilston Vet. Please note we are not able to administer insulin twice daily on any day the clinic is closed (i.e. Sundays, public holidays, Easter or any date between 24th December – 2nd January when the clinic closes for the Christmas / New Year break.)
Charges apply for any injections of insulin administered


*A current F3 vaccination (a current vaccination certificate must be validated by our friendly staff on admission if vaccine has been performed at another clinic)
*Up to date flea control (flea control must have been applied within 2 weeks prior to admission for boarding and must be valid for the entire stay or a flea treatment will be applied at a cost to you)
*Details of any medication to be administered must be provided to us when booking your cat for boarding – see the above section for more information. Please remember we cannot board diabetic cats that are not patients of Wilston Vet.
*Details of any special dietary requirements (prescription diets and any special food will need to be brought along in a labelled container)

Other Information

We do not have high or low seasons. However, a peak season surcharge will apply for all cats boarding over the Christmas and New Year break. All cats boarding will be subject to a $60 per cat surcharge. ($60 over Easter) Please note we close for admissions and discharges between Christmas and New Year and all cats boarding during this time will be advised of the latest admission day and earliest pick up available.

*We are closed Sundays and public holidays for any admission or pick ups
*We can provide any requested veterinary care whilst you cat is staying with us
*Your cat will be fed a premium diet of Hills dry food whilst holidaying with us
*We are unable to board adult male cats who have not been desexed

Testimonials-Thank you soo much for taking care of my cats for me in the past month. I am so happy you cared for my kitten Cocoa and she came home very healthy and happy….Shanti also seems the same but they are both glad to be home and together again.
Thanks for the little red mouse you gave to them. Its Cocoa’s favorite, as you can see in the pic. I am glad to know I can bring them to you for great care if I have to go back to hospital again. Thanks! Janice Elizabeth- Facebook

Thank you for looking after our cat Keira while we were on holidays. As always you did an amazing job and we appreciate the attention you give her – Keira was clearly comfortable and happy. I will always highly recommend your cattery and continue to bring our little girl. Jess Benson, Facebook

The cat boarding is brilliant Thanks for looking after Bean Bean! Dee Gill Facebook

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