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Pascal (1996-2011)

DOB: 29th September 1996
Passed away: 27th June 2011

You are THE ONE for me and I will eternally love you. You bought continuous and unconditional LOVE into my life and always gave everything to me. You bought PURPOSE to my life. You created WOOFYS and so many other dogs’ and their parents’ lives were improved and enriched because of you. You are a true SHAMAN. I promise you will live on and we will help others with canine cancers.

You died in my arms, surrounded by your family and the last thing you heard was me and my love. I am so BLESSED to have had you in my life and wouldn’t miss a day that we had. You truly COMPLETED me and now I must learn to hold you in SPIRIT. You have showed your spirit to me and I am GRATEFUL.
Bless you little man and know you changed me for the better. I will always LOVE you!! I will always be your MUMMY!!

Love you Pascie
Mummy xoxo

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