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Pet Pep

Pet Pep- (Pets and People Education Program) is a voluntary teaching program initiated by the Australian Veterinary Association.  It involves veterinarians and teachers working together to teach primary school students about responsible pet ownership and to enhance their overall understanding of animals.

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Wilston School Kids Pet Pep
AVA PetPEP covers topics such as:

  • Behaving Safely Around Pets
  • Choosing the Right Pet
  • Being Responsible for a Pet
  • Preparing for a Pet
  • Caring for Your Pet’s Health
  • Treating All Animals Well

Wilston Vet is actively involved in the Pet Pep program and makes regular visits to our local primary schools and kindergartens. The children enjoy our talks as well as have fun with the pets we bring along to show them.

Wilson Vet donates its time freely for these visits to educate our “next generation of pet owners.”

Pet Pep Visit to Wilston School With Mimi and Her 4 week Old Pups

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