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Stephen -The Jungle Python With Weight Loss

Stephen -The Jungle Python With Weight Loss

Name- Stephen
Species- Jungle Python
Sex – Male
Age- 3 YO

History: Stephen was presented to Wilston Vet surgery as his owner had noticed that there was a strange clicking sound coming from Stephen’s stomach. His owner also mentioned that he had always been a noisy breather. He was eating normally and appeared to be bright and alert ( as far as snakes go) but his owner thought he may be in some pain around his mid abdomen.

Examination: Stephen appeared to be in good body condition, however when he was weighed it was noted that he has lost a small amount of weight. His cloaca was normal ( the cloaca is where he urinates and defecates from) He had open- mouth breathing, and his lung sounds appeared to be a little louder on expiration that Dr Amisha thought was normal. There was also a distinct clicking noise when Dr Amisha palpated his mid abdomen. Dr Amisha was worried he may have a fractured rib or some sort of chest infection and recommended x-rays be taken to rule these out.

steven2 << X-ray Lateral (side) view

steven3 << x-ray Dorso-Ventral (top to bottom) view

Radiography: X-rays showed that his heart, lungs and ribs were all normal, which was a big relief for his owner. Dr Amisha concluded that he had a minor respiratory infection which was causing him to have slightly noisy breathing as well as a “click” sound which was coming from ‘air pockets” in his lungs.

Treatment: as Stephen was actually improving already by the time he had been examined by Dr Amisha, it was decided that some minor adjustments to his tank would be all that was required , unless he worsened. His tank was made slightly dryer to help “dry out” his lungs and in no time the noise completely disappeared and he seemed back to his usual self.

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