Medicine and Surgery

At Wilston Vet you can be assured that your pet is receiving the highest quality of medical and surgical veterinary care.

We can provide all routine dog and cat surgery such as de-sexing (spey, castration, neutering) and wound suturing as well as complex surgeries such as bowel and bone surgery. We have a separate surgical theatre where we perform sterile surgeries and a “wet-procedures” room where we perform dental procedures and non sterile surgery such as draining a cat-bite abscess. (Wet Procedures room pictured below.)

Wilston Vet Wet Proceedures Room

Any patient who requires specialist surgical care can be referred to our nearby referral centre at Stafford Heights (QVS)  or Brisbane Veterinary Specialists at Albany Creek (BVSC).

Wilston Vet Digital Dental X-ray

We have an excellent digital x-ray machine on the premises which enables us to take high quality radiographs at the touch of a button. This allows for much shorter anaesthetic times for your pet.

We also have a digital dental x-ray machine as well as a state of the art ultrasonic dental scaler, polisher and high speed drill. Our anaesthetic monitoring equipment includes a doppler for blood pressure measurement, pulse oximeters to measure your pets oxygenation, end-tidal carbon dioxide analysers as well as  heart rate monitors. Not only do we have specialised equipment for monitoring your pet during anaesthesia but we also have a veterinary nurse attending to your pet at all times during the procedure. Your pet is never left unattended and is always in capable hands.

During your pet’s recovery from surgery they are placed in a warmed comfortable bed away from noise and bright lights to allow for a smooth recovery. We have a separate dedicated cat hospital ward.Cat Kennel Wilston Vet

We have an “in house” laboratory where we can analyse your pets blood and check the function of their vital organs as well as assessing their white and red blood cells. Our microscope enables us to diagnose bacterial or yeast infections of the skin, ears and urine as well as assess aspirates from growths on your pet’s skin.

Our staff are continually undergoing further education and training to keep them on the cutting edge of their profession. Having these superb facilities as well as knowledgeable staff to operate them enables us to provide your pets with an excellent standard of veterinary care.

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