Rat Medicine

Rat Medicine

Here at Wilston Vet we love looking after our little Ratties. We provide all veterinary services to rats and pocket pets ranging from basic husbandry advice and care, to surgery under anaesthetic. We appreciate that rats make fantastic pets and that people become very much attached to their rats, just as they do to their dog or cat. Your rat or pocket pet is just as important to us as any other pet we treat. We are also happy to provide any medical or husbandry advice over the phone or via email, so do not hesitate to contact us if you have a question about your little ratty.

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Did you know that rats make great pets?

They are very affectionate, social and gentle. Rats are easy to maintain and suitable for children. They usually live about 2- 3 years and they don’t take up much space, so they are perfect for people who live in apartments and are unable to have a dog or a cat.

Contrary to popular belief, rats are not smelly at all and are actually very clean creatures. In fact, some of our clients have trained their rats to use small litter trays. Rats need a quality residence made from strong materials so that they cannot chew through it as they are great chewers. Mesh cages with solid floors are suitable. Make sure you equip your cage with plenty of hammocks and toys. Bedding can be wood shavings or paper based kitty litter and should be changed at least three times a week.

Rats have great appetites and eat almost anything, but to prevent nutritional deficiencies feed high quality rat pellets. Fruit, vegetables, grains and nuts can be fed in moderation. Water must be available continually.

Rats are very prolific breeders so 2 can quickly turn into 22. Be sure, if you have them in together, not to mix the two sexes. Alternatively, they can be desexed.

Rats suffer from viral diseases, bacterial diseases, and cancers just like cats and dogs, so regular veterinary checks are recommended. The most common disease they suffer from is a respiratory condition called mycoplasmosis. Rats become lethargic, breathless and snuffly. The disease can be treated with antibiotics but often it requires lifelong therapy.

If you are considering a new pet but want something affectionate and low maintenance, why not consider a rat. They really are very endearing little creatures.

View Ratty Patient of the Month “Waffles” by clicking here

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“Shell Girl”(above far right), our oldest rat patient at 3 years and 2 months of age, passed away peacefully in May.

Ratty Testimonials- They were recommended to me as I needed to euthenase my pet rat and this was one of very few places that would put him to sleep before the injection into his tummy. They immediately took his side and made SURE there was nothing that could be done before proceeding, and my little ratty thankfully passed while fully relaxed and without any stress and without needing that needle. They were extremely sympathetic and I was quite surprised to receive a sympathy card a few days later (this means a lot). Also, they offered to send me a bill as I was quite distraught at the time, even though they’d never seen me before. I can’t say how highly I rate this level of service, I would never take a pet anywhere else. Also, I thought the pricing was extremely cheap in comparison with other vets. ( Brever, True Local Review )

Dear Wilston Vet you guys are Fantastic love Cee Jay the pet rat and her owner Mitch. (Mitch Esler, Facebook)

Thank you again to everyone at Wilston Vet you went above and beyond and we can never thank you enough for making a new life for our little Felix! From start to finish even with our dear Squishee r.I.p you have all been so compassionate friendly and caring and we recommend you to all our friends with pets. Thanks again for such a wonder experience at such a difficult time and keep up the good work! And thanks for the gorgeous photos! (Mairead, Facebook)

First visit to Wilston Vet this week and as a first time rat owner I cannot thank Kate enough for her care, attention and understanding … a few days after the visit and my sick boy is showing a marked improvement … Will definitely be back when the need arises .. Thank you Kate ! (Gavin Anthony, Facebook)

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