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Victorian Bushfire Appeal

Wilston Vet donated $1000 to the Victorian Bushfire Appeal via Provet. Provet is a veterinary supply company that provides our surgery with drugs, food and merchandise.

Provet organised a donation fund to supply veterinarians in the bushfire affected areas to be able to treat the enormous numbers of injured animals. Thousands of native animals as well as pets and livestock perished or were injured in the fires. We wanted to show our support for those people who were working tirelessly and without remuneration to attend to these poor animals. Any surplus monies from the fund were donated to the general bushfire appeal fund and distributed where needed most.

There are many veterinary suppliers available to us but we choose to use Provet exclusively as our veterinary wholesaler, as we know that it is a socially conscious company who treats its staff and clients well. Provet also donates some of its profits back to the community such as we have seen with the bushfire appeal.

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