Community Care

Community Care

Supporting the Community

Winston Churchill once famously said-

“You make a living by what you get but you make a life by what you give.”

This is a principle which we aspire to at Wilston Vet. We believe in supporting the local community that supports us, as well as supporting those communities further abroad who are less fortunate than ourselves.

As a small business we aim to be profitable not only to provide our staff and their families with income, but also to use our profits to help other people and animals. Our clients are thereby supporting the wider community through our philanthropic efforts, whether they know it or not. (see below)

With many small businesses, including veterinary surgeries of late, becoming corporations, some economists have predicted that small business will be virtually non existent in 10 years time in Australia. Of course we hope this prediction does not come to pass, and in saying so, we are firm supporters of small business ourselves, using local businesses to service our own business needs of the surgery.

Here at Wilston Vet we will continue to strive to offer a very personal service to all our clients and their pets. We invite you to become part of the Wilston Vet family and hope that we can be part of you and your pet’s lives as well.

Making a Difference in the Community

Pet Pep
Pet Pep- (Pets and People Education Program) is a voluntary teaching program initiated by the Australian Veterinary Association. It involves veterinarians and teachers working together to teach primary school students about responsible pet ownership and to enhance their overall understanding of animals …click here for more

Local Fundraising Community Activities
Wilston Vet actively supports local clubs and schools by donating to their various fundraising events and activities. Each year we host a “Doggy Parade” …click here for more

Wilston Vet recently donated over $450 to the RSPCA flood appeal 2011. All monies generated from hydrobaths for the 6 weeks following the floods went directly toward the appeal.We also have a program whereby we donate the dollar fee to the RSPCA for every cat box sold on behalf of our client whom purchases it here for more

Free Community Events
We have hosted several free community days whereby we invited the local folk to come along and celebrate a special day with us …click here for more

Wilston Vet treats all injured wildlife completely free of charge to both the Good Samaritan who brings the wildlife in, and the wildlife carers that look after them.All injured wildlife are treated …click here for more

Environmental Awareness
We are taking up the environmental challenge …click here for more

Donations and Humanitarian Giving
Wilston vet is involved in a microcredit scheme (via Kiva) which is aimed at lifting people in third world countries out of the poverty cycle. Microcredit is widely thought of to be the most successful and sustainable method of putting an end to world poverty here for more

Wilston Vet sponsors a child in Kenya through Compassion Australia …click here for more

Volunteer Work
Kelly, One of our veterinary nurses, donated 6 weeks of her own holiday time during April-May 2010 to volunteer at the Esther Honey Foundation (EHF) in the Cook Islands. Wilston Vet generously funded her return air fare, and many of our clients also kindly donated funds which were used in a direct monetary donation to the foundation. The EHF is the only veterinary clinic for the Cook Islands’ thousands of companion animals and it treats all of the companion and stray animals free of charge. Wherever EHF provides service, all animals, whether homeless or with owners, receive comparable care and no healthy animal is euthanased …click here for more

Council Events
Wilston Vet is a regular at the council “K-9 Capers in the Park” as well as the May Lanham Fair at the Grange. Wilston Vet was also one of the main organisers of the Wilston Winter Magic Fair which was held in the village in July 2012.

In House Promotions
Wilston Vet runs many in-house promotions to help educate our clients on new and exciting products as well as raise awareness of various diseases in our pets …click here for more

Quest Business Achievers Awards
The quest business awards …click here for more

Assistance Dogs (ASDOGSNQ)
The Association of Assistance Dogs is a non profit organisation operated by a dedicated team of volunteers who provide Assistance dogs to assist children and individuals with disabilities to achieve greater independence. Wilston Vet provides veterinary services to assistance dogs in our local area completely free of charge …click here for more

Victorian Bushfire Appeal
Wilston Vet donated $1000 to the Victorian Bushfire Appeal via Provet. Provet is a veterinary supply company that provides our surgery with drugs, food and merchandise …click here for more

Kedron Brook Business Community Group -KBBG
The KBBG is a group of small business owners who meet once a month to network, fundraise and share ideas …click here for more

Pets Without Partners
Wilston Vet supports the charity organisation Pets Without Partners by providing discounted desexing procedures to these orphaned and abandoned animals seeking new homes …click here for more

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