Puppy School & Juvenile Training

Puppy School & Juvenile Training

puppy school Brisbane Wilston Vet

If you have a puppy, then be sure to book in for Wilston Vet’s Puppy Preschool in Brisbane. Here your puppy will gain valuable socialisation skills essential to ensure that he/she does not become a problem later on. You will also learn vital skills in training your puppy dog and general pet health issues. Best of all… it’s loads of fun! Classes are run on Monday nights from 7:00pm, and Sundays from 10 am- 11 am, and a course of 4 classes costs $160.

Our Puppy School classes focus on positive reward based training techniques and no punishment techniques are used.

Puppies must be aged between 8 and 14 weeks on the first class to start puppy school and have had their first vaccination.

Please call us for Class Start dates for 2021. There is usually a class starting once or twice a month.

To book a puppy class Click here

* Please note that these dates and teachers may require alteration from time to time due to public holidays etc.


Puppy Preschool Grad March 2014

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