Preventative Care

Preventative Care

At Wilston Vet we provide all the preventative health care needed for your pet.

Vaccinations are vital to protect your pet from potentially life threatening diseases. However, our policy is to recommend the minimal number of vaccines as possible to safely protect your pet whilst also sparing them from the potential side effects from vaccines. If we believe a vaccination is not necessary, we will not recommend this to you.

Microchipping is recommended and now mandatory for all new pets. This avoids the heartache of loosing your pet.

Here at Wilston Vet we provide all veterinary dental services to your furry friend. We have a state of the art digital dental x-ray machine to enable us to see exactly what is going on under your pets tooth. Our highly trained staffs attend regular dental seminars to keep up to date with the latest advances in animal dentistry. Our high speed dental drill enables precise and speedy tooth extraction if required. Our ultrasonic scaler and polisher enables complete removal of both soft plaque and hard tartar giving your pet that smooth “just been to the dentist” tooth feeling. (Fortunately they are asleep at the time so do not have to put up with what we do when we go to the dentist)

Our grooming and hydrobath service is second to none. Our experienced groomer Tracey is a UK import, and is a seriously excellent dog groomer. We can even groom your pussy cats!

We have a large variety of high quality pet foods and some gorgeous merchandise such as funky leads and collars for you to choose from.

Our Puppy School is very popular so book early to secure your spot. We also offer dog training services via our partners at Justin Jordan Dog Training.

If you want your cat to board in luxury, then look no further than our Royal Suite.

If your pooch or kitty cat has put on a few pounds lately, then give us a call and book them into our free weight loss clinic.

Here at Wilston Vet we are committed to providing the very best preventative care for your pet so that they can live a long and happy life.

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