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Gumnut (1990-2010)

DOB: 6th August 1990
Passed away: 20th December 2010

I was so sad to loose my beautiful furry friend Gumnut, more often known as The Nut or Little Nutty a couple of days ago to kidney failure. I remember the day she arrived as a tiny kitten, full of personality and trouble from the start.

I can’t be sad because she couldn’t have been a better pet to have, always heaps of fun, so gentle and loving and aside from the end, healthy. She had many adventures over the 20 years and I am glad to say never killed another living thing.

For two decades she gave unconditional love, whilst never letting you forget she wanted all of your attention. It will be strange to be able to type without having to push a furry bottom off my keyboard, watch the TV without her sitting in front of the screen if she wasn’t getting quite enough of a focus, get up for two seconds without her stealing my seat, waking up without being poked in the eyes or feeling her whiskers on my face as she watched for my eyes moving. What a perfect cat your were, even graceful and loving in the last hours which I was glad to spend with you.

You will be missed by so many people, but I know your antics will be remembered and recounted for years to come. You made every day a happier place and for that I am so thankful. Rest in peace you beautiful little girl xxx …. And never forget that ‘mummy loves you’

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