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Stella- The Wonder Dog Walks Again

Stella- The Wonder Dog Walks Again

Name: Stella
Species: Canine
Breed: Staffordshire Bull Terrier
Sex: Female – Speyed
Age: 10y 2m
Current Weight: 18.1kgs

History: Stella has been a patient at Wilston Vet since she was a wee puppy! Watching her grow up from a 9wk old puppy into the active and affectionate 10yr old dog she is today has been a wonderful journey. Recently, Stella became lame on her right hind leg. Given her age and very active nature, Dr Kate suspected that she had some arthritis or an acute soft tissue injury (such as a muscle or ligament tear or strain). Stella was started on anti-inflammatory and pain relief medication. However, her lameness persisted so Dr Kate decided to perform x-rays and manipulations of her leg under anaesthesia.


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