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Wilston Vet News 12 – Staff News

Wilston Vet is excited to have Dr Kate back working with us full time. Kate left the practice 2 years ago for an overseas working holiday and has finally come back to Australia (for good we hope). Whilst in the UK Kate gained invaluable experience at several busy small animal clinics. Many of you would have had the pleasure of meeting Kate in the past.

We also welcome Dr Amisha from New Zealand. Amisha has a special interest in pocket pets including reptiles, birds and rodents so we are delighted to be able to treat a variety of species now.

Jess, our junior nurse has decided to take a 12 month working holiday to the UK so we wish her all the best and hope to see her back at Wilston Vet in the future.

Dr Meredith is taking some long service leave for a few months, and will be back later in the year.

Our casual vet Dr Anita has recently given birth to a beautiful baby boy Alex. Both Mum and bub are doing well. We can expect to see Anita back later in the year as well.

Congratulations are in order for Karen, our head nurse, who recently graduated from her final year of vet nursing studies.

THANK-YOU : Kelly has just returned from 6 weeks volunteering at the Esther Honey Foundation (EHF) in the Cook Islands. Kelly would like to thank our clients who generously donated money to help fund her trip.

Also a big thank-you to Provet, our veterinary wholesaler, who collected stockpiles of near expired drugs and disposable supplies for Kelly to take on her trip to help support the animal hospital there.

Wilston Vet funded Kelly’s return airfare, and she donated all of her annual holiday Wilston leave to help out at the foundation. The EHF is the only veterinary clinic for the Cook Islands’ thousands of companion animals and it treats all of the companion and stray animals free of charge.

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