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Bella – A Persistant Cough

Bella – A Persistant Cough

Name: Bella
Age: 8yrs old
Weight: 5kg
Breed: Shih Tzu x Schnauzer
Sex: Female, desexed

History: Little Bella is a gorgeous 8yr old Shih Tzu X Schnauzer who came to see Dr Nichola as her family was concerned that she had been coughing for a few days. Bella’s family noticed her breathing sounded quite snuffly and wheezy, but she still seemed bright and happy. Bella had exhibited intermittent coughing episodes in the past, but this time her mum was concerned as the coughing was quite frequent and it had started after Bella had been given some cooked bones. There was a risk that Bella could have had a bone caught in her upper airways or oesophagus.


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